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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I don't know what to say. I am just happy that I met someone who finally understands what the heck I have been through with people. Its such a nice thing when you can relate to someone.
Anyway, I am on my way to work. Later on this afternoon I get my first powerlifting session. i am so excited about it. It will be cool. Its something diffrent and new I can add to my belt. I have to figure out todaywaht next show I am going to do.
well let me run I am cooking a buffalo steak and I don't want tit to burn.

love yah guys

Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay I am on my way to school to take the last of my exams!!!!!!!!!

then I am on the gym to celebrate by training some back, and abs. I have some exciting news. I have been wanting to try out powerlifting. Just as something extra. I ran into an old friend how is going to help me. It should really be fun. i am excited about it.

I am a little down though b/c I haven't heard rom my friend how I have emailed a couple times. I think they might be mad at me or something. I don't know. I hope not. I have been really busy with school, and well I haven't been into the training like usual.

The gym is doing so awesome. Right now we have about 110 clients. So we are busy. I can't tell you . Its hard to get a workout and meal in between clients, having them back to back. I am also going to Vegas the end of this month for a big convention for fitness and gym stuff.

Oh boy , I need to run to school. I got to be there at 10 am. And right now traffic is killer. I still have to run and do my hair and pretty myself up.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Its been a long long time. So much has happened.I have missed alto. I am in school right now (majoring in forensic pathology) and I can't tell yah that I am very into the books right now. I am taking 6 classes and it is kicking my ass. I go to sleep having dreams of quadratic expressions and functions,a nd all that good stuff. What I should be dreaming about is squatting, posing, muscle pumps, and 6 inch heels. Oh and I can't forget about leather. I love leather.

I want to make a real quick apology. I was suppose to go to the Arnold Classic. I didn't make it. I was sick. I have been sick for a couple of weeks now. Its been a mixture of stomach fu and the cold flu. Anyway, I wanted to say I am sorry to thise that I was suppose to go and hang with. I think one person in particular I wanted to apologize too, u know who u are! Let s just say that U helped me when I needed u the most and well we still need to met. You are a very cool friend and I don't want to lose you.

As you might already not know Colette is going to be working on the site. I need to add some thing s and keep updates up to beat. I wanted to also thank my friend Cdogg for the help he has given me. Very good person. Basically kicked my ass around the gym while training. I have missed out on that for a couple weeks b/c I have been busy fighting the flu germs and being swamped in school work. I feel bad and confused a bit b/c I have really no time at the moment and I want to do a big show. I put my school ahead of me at the momment b/c I want to get on the deans list. I am trying so fucking hard right now. I need to get a A average TO kep my scholarship.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Its a sad day today

I wanted to post real quick about this because it is a part of me. Richard Pryor died earlier to day at the age f 65. He has been a part of my life ince I was in diapers. I love his comedy. The man is a genius. I loved his movies as well, especillay hear no evil see no evil stir crazy and toy, where among my favorite movies. This man was an inspiration for many comedians today. Richard Pryor wil forever been in our hearts and prayers.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Its been a while

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday(aka turkey day). I sure did. Being offseason is a real treat because you can enjoy the wonderful delights of food. I thin ki my overall favorite when it comes to Thanks giving is the stuffing. I am a sucker for stuffing. I must say though, when you diet so much, well for me at least I really don't crave food as I used too. Its a mind control thing. Its just like with my training. I have been so excited recently because my strength has been off the charts. Maybe I should consider powerlifting? I have been considering wrestling. Right now I do some acting gigs here and there, which are very fun. I have always had a love for acting. Its so natural for me to just jump inot character.

Now I am going off subject. So I drove to Atlanta to do a photoshoot with Andy from Andys muscle goddesses. He is such a sweetheart. We had a pretty good shoot. I also met a long time favorite of mine Annie Rivieccio. She is so awesome and very pretty plus extremely muscular. I love her chest. Its so perfect. Overall her physique is amazing. I hope to see her as Mrs. Olympia. I had a great time in Atlanta, I had to drive back that very same day. SO i didn't get home to the next day at 9 am (OCH!!)

I watch garbage pal kids the other night. Now I have always wanted to see this movie. WHY?? because I used to be a big collector of the garbage pal kids cards. Well the movie is a 80's cult classic. It wasn't great at all, but Its a kid movie. So its cute. Now I finaly saw Ray, I loved it. I cried and cried. To me it really hit my heart. It was good. I want to go see walk the line. Which I will this week. A few weeks ago I saw U2 in Miami. It was Awesome!!!!!!! So awesome that I am going to see them again in North Carolina or in the last show Portland. I am trying to score some General admission fan club seats. I am crossing my fingers.

I will be adding some trainig clips here as well. I would like to do chats again and possibly a webcam. My schedule is free now a bit. I will look and see what day

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

here are some offseason shots of me. I know I rarely post offseason.

How was everyones weekend

Mine was totally long.

okay so I have to do a little bit of venting. I rarely do that. I like to BE POSITIVE. Its the best way to be. I know some people out there that pretend to be my friend and behind my back talking dirt. Don't yah love it. Then you have those that constantly look for pity, and well i won't continue on

Now to my piont... I was at the beach in a tiny thong, and a shirt, rinsing off any excess sand on my body. Let me tell you I had alot of sand. I don't know how it got there but it was there. SO anyway, I am rinsing off and I have my camera person there helping get the shells and stuff off me and this woman was like "excuse me, excuse me" I thought she was talking to someone else I paid no mine. So then I look and she was talking to me. She said these exact words "can you cover up please" I looked at her and said " this is a public beach, I can wear whatever I want to wear". She kept complaining to me about my booty hanging out. Now ladies and gentlemen. My time in the gym has paid off with getting a very yummy juciy rear end. There is no way that I am going to cover it up. I am at a public beach. Here is the funny thing. SHe had her boobs hanging out and her booty was hanging out. It was hilarious. She was fat, and my friend was like you are jealous. I swaer to you she was. Her boyfriend walked by and said you better not look keep walking. I was like gimmi a break. I kept showering and stcuk my but in her face, showing it off more. I was proud of what I got. Its not very often you see a yummy muscular morsel like myself on a beach with her butt flown blown for all to see. Unless you are at Venice beach, California home of the muscle.

sorry for the venting I just thought it was funny. My trainer just walked in and I have to get off now and train my tiny itty bitty legs. talk to you guys later

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Congratulations to Marcus Haley, Debbie Barnes and Ellen Woodley, Florida very own brought it home

I wanted to say Congratulations to Marcus Haley and Ellen Woodley. Marucs Haley won his pro card last night at the North American Kicking ass. I know the famous Tim Gardner is very very excited. Tim Gardner is awesome he has a great great team "Body Tech" This man put so much passion into his athletes. The meetings are the best. Congrats on your victory Tim. Ellen Woodley dominated the middleweight class, Debbie Barnes being as shredded as she always is reined superior.

I have to congratulate our other newest pro and I am a huge fan of Kim Perez. She looked awesome. Now its time to see what happens at Nationals. I am getting goose bumps. Nationals is a huge event, highly publicized more than USA's, and North Americans simply because everyone that wins thier class automatically gets a pro card and then those 4 1st finalist pose down for the overall win.

Congrats to everyone at the North Americans last night

A great way to start the labor day weekend!!!! have a safe rest of the weekend everyone